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The Fake of Nanking Massacre-1

Fake Nanking-1

After the battle, many Nanking citizens welcomed the Japanese military.

The Fake of Nanking Massacre-2

Fake Nanking-2

The Japanese Army tried to respect the international humanitarian law.

The Fake of Nanking Massacre-3

Fake Nanking-3

The population of Nanking was 200,000. However, China claims Japanese killed 300,000.

This is The Truth of Comfort Women Issues!


The criminals were not Japanese soldiers. This is A KOREAN PROBLEM.

Comfort Women were kidnapped by Japan?


Korean people should look at the fact straightly. Korea should pay compensation to Japan!

Koreans claim is right? 日韓併合の真実


Koreans accusations are completely incorrect for these reasons.


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また参考になる英文と日本文のセットをお送りいただけると幸いです。皆様のご協力を持って、よりよいサイトを作りたいと思っております。是非よろしくお願いします。 UndertakerRachことRachel(Oct,17 2010)
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  Moreover, these historical topics are including many difficult words. Some words, Japanese, English and Chinese historical and difficult words give me a headache. Many of my acquaintance and friends who are from many countries have helped me to translate them. I want to say special thanks for their help. In my HP, there it does not show my mail address because of security. However, if I have a chance to help you in anyway, or if you can help me voluntary, please contact me at my Youtube mail (UndertakerRach04)address.
When you have a great essay which is related to these topics, please sent it to me if you want. I will fell great pleasure with that. I hope the essay is consisted of Japanese and English. I want to make more useful and convenient HP for you. Thank you very much.
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